Dr. Bottrill used to be a Professor of Psychology.  He’s lived in many countries and, during his time in France, was able to look at various sites connected with the first Boterels.  A recent trip took him to most of the Boterel sites in England – it was a bit of a plough!

As a professor, he published papers in learned journals, which honed his research skills.  So, poring over old documents in Old English, Old French and Latin was fun, rather than a drag.

He currently lives in Northern Spain – like England, but with better weather – with his partner and a cat called ‘Porage.’

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The next book will cover the Boterels’ interactions with Henry II, the formidable Eleanor of Aquitaine, Richard the Lionheart and the 2nd Crusade, the rascally King John and Magna Carta, and Henry III and the growing legend of Robin Hood during the period 1150-1270.

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